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Didier Barral founded this unique estate in 1993 in the small hamlet of Lenthéric on a terroir dominated by schist and wild garrigue. He named the domain after his grandfatherand quickly decided that biodynamic practices were the best choice for farming his vineyards. With his brother, they are men with strong believes seeking for the most authentic expression in each wine they carefully make.
Soils are not ploughed and no weed killers are used, a team of cows, pigs and horses graze and manure the cover crops in and around the vineyards. Respect for the ecosystem, interactions between animal and vegetal reigns as well as healthy microbiotic activity in the soil are concerns for Didier Barral. Most of his vines are very old, but vary up to ninety years of age, keeping yields naturally low. Once in the cellar, grapes are never destemmed and fermentations take place in concrete tanks without SO2. Red Faugères from the estate display power, rusticity, incredibly fresh and pure fruit.
Because of their uniqueness, their profound artisanal and original character, Domaine Léon Barral's wines are nowadays among the references in Languedoc.