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Nestled on the granitic slopes of the Gulf of Ajaccio, Domaine Comte Peraldi is the most prestigious winery and the flagship of Corsican wine making history. This old estate (first vines of Sciaccarellu and Vermentinon were planted during the 16th century) was entirely restructured in 1965 by the Count de Poix-Peraldi. His son, Guy de Poix, is currently running the estate with a strong passion and a real conviction to focus on quality and character.
The emphasis is on the Sciaccarellu varietal, an old and traditional grape from Corsica that gives its best expression on the granitic and poor soils found at the domaine. Red wines produced are pure , elegant, and automatically complex with hints of maquis, cherry and balsamic notes.
Unique in style, those wines are mainly found in Corsica (80% of the distribution) and only a few bottles are available overseas...