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Vincent is the nephew of Cornas legend Robert Michel who retired in 2006 and passed down the famous plot La Geynale to him. After an intensive training by his uncle, the young man decided to bottle his own Cornas, today the estate covers 5 ha within the appellation. The philosophy is traditional : low yileds, whole-bunch fermentation, long aging in old 400-litre oak casks, no sulphur in the winemaking and no filtration. The wines are pure, intense, showing earthy and mineral character with hints of licorice.
The Cornas Granit 30 and 60 designations refer to the soil, the approximate age of the vines, and the slope (30% and 60%) on which they are planted. La Geynale made from old vines planted in 1910 is a real masterpiece and one of the best Nothern Rhônes wines.
This is a future top estate in Cornas with wines that can already be found on the wine lists of several three star Michelin restaurant around the world.