Daniel Jiménez-Landi

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Daniel Gomez Jiménez-Landi started his solo adventure in 2012 after eight years at the family winery Jiménez-Landi in Méntrida. Far removed from the prevailing Spanish trend, that seeks wines with strong extraction and ripening, he has tried to make delicate wines, fresh and fluid. Today he works a total of 7 hectares located between 750 and 1000 meters of altitude and with granite and slate soils depending on the vineyard. His terroir is mainly located in the Tiétar Valley : a valley with a Mediterranean climate but with special humidity features and heavy rain falls.

In the vineyards everything is done to recover soil's life, to balance the vineyard through an organic viticulture, and in some plots, biodynamic. In the cellar, the wine making process is little interventionist, being respectful to the raw material and the identity of each one of the plots.

A bottle from Daniel can be described can be described as a grape infusion to enhance the landscape and its nuances...