Château Montauriol

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"Mons Aureolus", Golden Mountain according to the Romans, the terroir of Château Montauriol has crossed more than five centuries with glory and wine-growing panache.
Like the whole area of Villaudric and of Fronton, it was a property of the knights, belonging to the Saint Jean de Jerusalem order and to the abbey of Moissac. Its wine, from the 12th centrury on, travelled with this wor order.

Nicolas Gelis bought the property in 1998. On two distinct terroirs, he has 45 hectares of vines here, the lion's share of which are Négrette, a local variety rarely seen elsewhere.
Sustainable viticulture is practised - only organic plant composts are used for soil enrichments and trace elements to help stimulate the plants' own natural defence system. Cover crops are also used between rows to complete with the vines, lower yields, limit soil erosion and help stimulate organic life in the soil. He has updated the estate with some modern practices. He obtained several times "Coup de Coeur" from the Guide Hachette and two or three stars ranking.

Up to today, Château Montauriol continues to follow the region's tradition to produce their wine of quality.