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In the Champagne region on the south hill of the Marne Valley, the Charpentier have been cultivating the vineyard over eight generations. The carriage, brand mark of our House since 1855, represents the domain duty to carry on the inherited know-how and values.
With 23 hectares on the right side of the Marne Valley, this domain is using a unique and unusual selection of grape varieties. While others tend to use Chardonnay or Pinot Noir as the majority in their Champagne, Charpentier is capable of allowing Pinot Meunier to express its maximum and to produce extraordinariy Champagnes.
Domain Charpentier is following bio-viticulture technics. All Champagne Charpentier wines are sealed with a special cork (Mytik Diamant) which guarantees freedom from cork taint.