If you are looking for some wine for your wedding banquet, we are happy to propose a complete package to make it the easiest for you to find the best wine for this special day at the best price :

1 - Join our regular free wine tastings

We organize regularly free wine tasting with some wine that fits the best with chinese wedding dinner. You can already check some of those wines we have in our shop here.
Book your seat, enjoy the wines and feel free to ask anything to us if you want to know more about wine, and especially the pairing food-wine. Don't hesitate to bring your menu, we will give you some advice on the perfect wine(s) to match with your dishes.
Sessions are organised generally in weekdays after office hours or sometimes in week-ends and last around one hour.

2 - Select your wine and get the best deal

After a wine tasting session, tell us your choice and get a special price according to the quantity you order. Our price range starts from 50 HKD/btl. That means, with an average of 2-3 bottles per table, you spend around 150 HKD per table, which is even less that the charge of the soda drinks from restaurants!
Moreover, we offer you the possibility to buy back up to 30% of your leftover bottles from you at the same price after your wedding.
Get also special promotions, including for example a free bottle of Champagne for your cocktail if you order more than 6000 HKD.

3 - Get a special dinner menu card printed

We include in our package the printing of the dinner menu card with a presentation of the wine(s) you selected and a proposed dish-wine pairing on the menu. Check the example below.

Wedding menu with wine description and food and wine matching suggestions

If you already have a menu from your hotel/restaurant, just give us one original and we get them all printed for you. 

And remember, all our wines are imported exclusively from FRANCE. That makes all our wines UNIQUE in Hong Kong, and so will be your special day!