The Benefits to You

VIP Discounts

As a VIP, you will enjoy 5% off for all wine products, excluding special promotion or products that are already disconted. 

Birthday Celebrations

VIP members can enjoy an addition 5% (total 10%) for all wine products in the month of the birthday of the VIP, excluding special promotion or products that are already disconted. 


Reward For Online Purchase

As a VIP, for every $2,000 you spend at you receive a $50 gift voucher, redeemable for any wine product at our online store.

The good news is that the points you earn never expire so you can accumulate them over time and always get the rewards.

VIP Exclusive Offers

As a VIP, you have access to VIP-only offers in your newsletters. In addition, if we know you like a certain product, we will send you details of special offers as they arise.

Enjoy Members'  Tastings & Functions

As a VIP, you will be invited to private tastings and functions, either free of charge or at reduced prices.

Your Newsletter

VIP members receive a regular newsletter with details of latest releases, selections from our tasting panel, special members-only offers, upcoming tastings at our store or other places and much more. 


How to become a VIP

To become a VIP member all you need to do is spend $800 in a single purchase at one of our store and complete the application form, which we will send to you by e-mail. On joining you immediately receive a VIP card and you will then be able to enjoy the unique VIP offers from next purchase.