Among connoisseurs, 35-year-old Xavier Weisskopf enjoys a reputation as a bit of an inventor and a perfectionist. By focusing on the Chenin blanc grape variety from the Touraine area in Loire valley, he specializes in wines that are sophisticated and complex.

After working for 3 years as a chef de cave for the famous Saint Cosme wine estate in Gigondas, he finally fulfilled his dream of becoming a winegrower in 2005 when he found the perfect location in Montlouis by the Loire river. Today, the winemaker cultivates 13 hectares of vines there, and his wine has been organically certified since the 2012 vintage.

Most of the vineyards were planted before the Second World War and some plots of land are dating back 120 years. These old vines produce only low yields, often no more than 30 hectolitres per hectare.

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