Near the remote village of Tarabucetta, outside of Figari on the southern tip of  Corsica, Yves Canarelli has made quite an impact not only in Corsica, but on mainland France as well, running the estate with  a strong passion and a real willingness to focus on quality and character.

Figari is regarded as the most ancient growing region of Corsica where grapes have been cultivated since the 5th century B.C!  Located on a granitic coast, Clos Canarelli is the spearhead for  the preservation and promotion of local and indigenous grape varieties in Corsica.

The biodynamic wines produced there are the pure definition of tradition: wild yeasts, slow and precise fermentations, long aging (18 months) in old foudres and no filtration for the reds. Like his Corsican colleagues, Yves sells most of his production on the island and this is a great honor for us to promote these wines of character in Hong Kong.

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